You Are A

Victim of Domestic Violence

If you are in immediate danger call 911.

If you read about separation and family court on a computer to which your abusive partner has access, please clear your browser history.

Domestic abuse is not just physical violence; it can include yelling, threats, control over finances, and other anti-social behaviour between intimate partners.

You should talk about your situation with trusted friends or family, or a social worker. Separating from an abusive partner can be difficult if you go it alone. But where you don't have family or friends on whom you wish to rely, there are provincially-funded services that can help you through this trying situation.

Should you become engaged in a family court case, remember that mediation is not appropriate where there was abuse, violence, or intimidation in a relaitonship. The imbalance of power in the relationship makes negotiation and mediation between the parties unseemly. Discuss the case with your lawyer; your options are:

  1. a private lawyer,
  2. a private lawyer who agrees to represent you based on a Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) certificate, or
  3. a publicly-funded Duty Counsel lawyer
Here are supports that you ought to consider: